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How to Declutter Your Kitchen

One of the rooms you can declutter and significantly impact is the kitchen. You can create an organised and clutter-free space with a few simple steps. Whether you want office kitchen cleaning advice  or to spruce up the kitchen at home, our guide on how to declutter your kitchen gives you all the information you… Read more »

5 Tips for Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Many homeowners will clean their kitchen regularly by wiping the counters and mopping the floor, but when was the last time you did a kitchen deep cleaning? The kitchen is one of the most used spaces, so grease and residue commonly build up and require a more thorough cleaning. In our five tips for kitchen… Read more »

Top 7 eco-friendly cleaning products for your summer office cleaning

Summer can be the messiest time of the year. Workers will be spending more time outside, which will bring mud and germs to the workspace. Understanding why a clean office is important is pivotal to encouraging your employees to work more productively. A workplace that is not well maintained can cause discomfort for its employees,… Read more »

How to clean your fridge in the workplace like a pro

When it comes to appliances, your office fridge is the one that’s always subject to food spills, stains and sticky fingerprints. A clean fridge is a happy one, and it’s the cornerstone of food storage in your kitchen office, so knowing how to keep your fridge clean in the workplace is a must for any… Read more »

How to clean your garbage disposal

We know that homeowners’ most common issue in their kitchens is having food debris build-up, making the kitchen sinks develop a disturbing smell. This is because the garbage disposal has a way of making all the food leftovers disappear down the drain in no time.  However, we have good news! There are numerous easy ways… Read more »

Communal kitchen rules and cleaning for a harmonious workplace

Setting rules in place within the workplace can be challenging. But it is ultimately necessary to ensure your staff are safe and happy. This doesn’t stop within the office however, as you also need communal kitchen rules. If you’re tired of having to nag staff about keeping their communal areas clean and tidy, here are… Read more »

Cleaning Services For Kitchens

Each business sector will have very different requirements when it comes to commercial cleaning services. Commercial kitchen cleaning and food preparation area cleaning should be carried out by experienced professionals to make sure your premises are cleaned to the highest standards. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning When it comes to providing commercial kitchen cleaning services in Leicester… Read more »