Setting rules in place within the workplace can be challenging. But it is ultimately necessary to ensure your staff are safe and happy. This doesn’t stop within the office however, as you also need communal kitchen rules. If you’re tired of having to nag staff about keeping their communal areas clean and tidy, here are some tips for you.

Set clear policies and rules

Putting policies and rules in place is one of the first places to start when you are thinking about how to keep your office kitchen clean. These will let people know how they should be leaving the kitchen every time they use it and have a standard to hold themselves (and others) accountable. Things to include in your kitchen policies could be to leave towels hanging up to dry properly, making sure people wash up as they use something or even just wiping up after themselves if there is a spill. 

Keep cleaning supplies to hand

There is no better excuse to get out of cleaning than if the products needed aren’t readily available. When thinking about your kitchen policies, also keep a record of what cleaning products you will need and how often they will likely need replacing. For example, if you want the washing up sponge to be thrown out every week but don’t provide a new one right away, this could lead to a serious back up of dirty dishes. Dedicate a space (either a cupboard in the kitchen or a shelf in the cleaning cupboard) where people know they can easily find cleaning supplies. 

Labels and signs

Nothing will remind people to clean up after themselves like repetitive, visual reminders. These labels and signs should be put at a general eye height and have text large enough to read without being up close to it. Bold fonts and colours will ensure that your staff really can’t miss it! 

Additionally, placing labels on drawers and cupboards will help people to keep things in the right place and therefore off work surfaces. 

Hire a professional

In any place where food is prepared and consumed, there is a certain standard of hygiene that needs to be adhered to. This is where a professional cleaner can make a real difference. While your staff are able to (and realistically should in a workplace kitchen) clean up after themselves, ensuring the proper hygiene standards are kept to is a bit more difficult. Professional cleaners have all the knowledge, tools and supplies to carry out the necessary tasks in order to keep your communal kitchen clean. 

If you would like to know more about how we can help keep your communal kitchen clean, contact us today!