declutter kitchen space

Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen

One of the rooms you can declutter and significantly impact is the kitchen. You can create an organised and clutter-free space with a few simple steps. Whether you want office kitchen cleaning advice or to spruce up the kitchen at home, our guide on how to declutter your kitchen gives you all the information you need.

Best Approach to Make your Kitchen Clutter-free

When it comes to the best way to declutter your kitchen, there are a couple of ways you can approach it. You can:

  • A little at a time
  • All at once

Declutter your kitchen a little at a time

If the thought of cleaning your kitchen and getting rid of all the clutter feels intimidating, you can approach the job a little bit at a time. Choose a drawer or cupboard each day and organise it as you go along.

Re-organise the whole kitchen all at once

When you have made the decision to declutter your kitchen, you may want to get the whole area clean and organised all at once. The job is done in one go, and you can enjoy your clutter-free kitchen with pride.

Decide which way you want to approach decluttering the kitchen space and work from there. If you are cleaning an office kitchen, a commercial cleaning service may be a better option. A professional cleaning company will have all the required cleaning materials for dealing with office spaces and communal kitchens.

Declutter your kitchen cabinets

It’s tempting to place many things in kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen area look tidier. However, the more you do this, the more the cabinets are filled with useless clutter. Here are our tips on how to declutter kitchen cabinets:

  • Clear everything out of the cabinet
    Think about the things you use the most
    Throw away anything you haven’t used in a while
    Place rarely used items on more challenging to reach shelves
    Logically organise things, most used at the front, etc.
  • Declutter your kitchen counters¬†

    The kitchen counters can often accumulate things as you use the kitchen daily. You can use a few simple tricks to declutter your kitchen counters to make everything look organised and tidy. These include:

    • Use a container for frequently used utensils
    • Create a contained space as a coffee station
    • Move the knife block off the counter into a cupboard
    • Hang cooking utensils on the wall
    • Add extra storage, such as shelves

By utilising some of these tips, you can remove a lot of clutter from the worktops. It will make the space look better and give you more room for cooking and preparing meals. If you want to go further with your kitchen cleaning, you will find lots of great information in our 5 tips for kitchen deep cleaning article.

If you want to declutter a commercial kitchen, using a professional service would be more advisable. Commercial kitchens have appliances that require specialist cleaning, and an experienced cleaning company will know how to take care of everything. If you are looking for cleaning services for your business, please get in touch for a free evaluation.