There are many benefits to keeping your office clean and tidy, including increased employee productivity as working in such an environment means you will get fewer distractions. In turn, you will be more organised. After all, you want your company to have a healthy and happy workforce, whilst your clients leave your office with good impressions, right? You can also check out our blog on Why A Clean Office Is Important for more details about the benefits of working in a clean workplace. 

Start small and organise your desk 

Before starting to tidy up and clean the whole office, start with your working station, desk, chair and whatever else you have around you. Sort out all the hanging cables and wires and if possible, choose a designated space for them to get stored. Be a good example for your co-workers and inspire them to do the same with their surroundings. This way, together as a team, you can organise all the unwanted clutter, making the office look neater and bigger. Tip? Try to do that daily, it will make the difference!  

Purchase good cleaning supplies 

After tidying up, there comes the cleaning. Valuing your health and wellbeing is essential, so make sure to clean your workstation and any necessary spaces within the office. Use some untextured paper towels and a spray to clean your keyboards, computers, appliances, mouse, telephone, and any other office supplies that you use daily. Make sure always to throw away and disinfect your bin, especially if you keep it under your desk, and dust what’s left behind. By doing so, you will keep the dust and germs away, but only if using the right products. 

Eat food away from your workstation

Yes, we know it’s much more comfortable than having to get up and go to the kitchen or outside, but you will avoid leaving all the crumbs and drink spills around you. Taking a well-deserved break to enjoy your lunch outside is also very beneficial for your mental and physical health. Your eyes need a rest from screens, so a bit of downtime is ideal for increasing your productivity afterwards for the rest of the day.  

Mop or vacuum the floor

Especially with our rainy and dusty UK weather, vacuuming is a must if you want to keep the dust and dirt away from you. Try and use a good floor or carpet detergent and quickly get cleaning. Do this at least once every week and make it fun, shuffle the task around with your colleagues and make that a habit too. Also, we know that in fast-paced offices people tend to spill a lot of coffee on the floor, so check out our blog on Tips for removing stains from office carpets

Tidy up all public office areas

These are the spaces that can accumulate the most dirt, bacteria and clutter, so try and not to oversee them as much as possible. These include the lounges, meeting rooms, kitchen area, coffee stations, hallways and toilets. So once a week, pick up the vacuum, broom, and mop and make sure you clean all these areas thoroughly. Adding a high-quality disinfectant to your cleaning kit will kill the bacterias and viruses lying around, enhancing your workplace safety and state of mind. Tip? Buy some nice room air freshener to maintain a pleasant scent in the office that will make you want to come back to work the next day. 

Get inspired 

Suppose you find yourself not in the mood or habit to tidy up the office, picture how you would want your workplace to look like. When you love your office, you love your job. Also, by having a lovely space, you can send out the right message to people that you work with and to your clients. Dream big, maybe get a beautiful plant in, add some colour, some candles to remove any unwanted bad odour, sanitising wipes and hand gels, screen wipes, and anything else that you think might keep you organised and happy. 

Tidy Office Work Desk

Schedule cleaning time in your work routine 

We know how easy you can get carried away with all the tasks that you need to get done in a day, so do a little at a time. Schedule in time to tidy up your workspace, either in the morning when you arrive or before you go home. You can clean for 20 minutes a designated area like your desk space in one go, and after your busy day, you can take back where you left off, like the larger areas of the office. Even better, at the beginning of every week, check your schedule and write down on paper the day and time that you will tidy up and clean your office. That will be enough to start with and make sure you won’t be too ambitious when setting your cleaning targets and instead better be realistic, but constant. 

So now it’s time for your next professional cleaning?

Ace Cleaning can tailor all our office cleaning services to suit your business needs. We have experienced staff teams that can offer you high-quality cleaning once a week, every day, or whatever works best. Contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.