A clean workspace provides many benefits, both to visitors and employees. The environment we work in can have a significant impact on how we feel. A clean and organised space is essential for many reasons.

Benefits of a clean office

The way a workspace looks can affect those that have to work there day in day out. Taking care of the office environment is another way of taking care of your business and staff. The top benefits of a clean office environment include:

  • Reduces stress
  • Creates a more pleasant work environment 
  • Removes distracting mess from the space
  • Improves the impression to visitors
  • Enhances the safety of the workplace

A messy, unorganised office or workspace can feel chaotic and can lead to an increase in stress. An office that is not clean and tidy makes it challenging to complete daily tasks and can make work more stressful. A pleasant and neat office and desk will help workers to stay organised. This leads to happier staff and higher productivity levels.

Rubbish and other mess can be distracting. Leaving mess lying around also creates trip hazards and can lead to accidents in the workplace. A regular office cleaning service will leave all walkways clear and safe. Dirt and rubbish can harbour germs and can lead to more sick days. An office cleaning company will sanitise germ hotspots to help prevent the spread of germs and sickness.

A dirty office can also smell bad; improper cleaning can cause bad odours. No-one wants to work in a place that feels dirty. With a proper office cleaning schedule, all surfaces are clean, and the office smells pleasant. This not only creates a much better environment for your employees but also makes a much better impression for visitors.

Potential clients and other visitors to your office will take their first impressions from the look of your company. A clean, tidy, and organised office will reflect a much better overall look to anyone visiting your offices for the first time.

A clean office increases productivity

Many studies have proven that a clean environment improves the overall productivity of employees. A clean and tidy office is a much more pleasant place to work. Having a clean office with tidy desks encourages employees to take pride in their workspace.


As each employee becomes more engaged and happy in their workday, this improves the office culture and can help to bring a team together. Mess and dirt left uncleaned in communal spaces can lead to conflicts between employees. Regular cleaning of these spaces avoids these issues and leaves staff to get on with their daily work.

Creating a better work environment starts with providing a clean and pleasant office. Staff is much more likely to keep their desks tidy when the office is regularly cleaned. Outsourcing office cleaning to a commercial cleaning company is a cost-effective way to keep your business clean. Cleaning services will be able to use the correct products on flooring, desks, and other surfaces. A cleaning team can come in at a convenient time that won’t disrupt the working day.

As the office cleaning company Leicester businesses trust, Ace Cleaning has years of experience in providing these types of services. Our team can visit your business and create a cleaning schedule that suits both your needs and budget. Whether you have a small office space or multiple locations, our commercial cleaning team can help.