Spilling oil on the floor is never pretty. Everything gets sticky including your shoes, and when you want to clean it up you realise you’ve left a trail of oily mess behind. Don’t worry though, we are here to help you find out how to remove oil stains from your floor like a pro! 

The first tip is to not panic and scrub away the mess, this could lead to the oil further seeping into your floor. Stay calm and listen to our steps!

Removing oil stains from concrete

Thankfully, the first step to cleaning an oil stain off from concrete is to cover it with something that can absorb the mess. This could be something like a paper towel or even your cat litter! Don’t have cat litter? You can also use baking soda, cornflour or talcum powder to help diffuse the oil stain. You can let that sit for 10 minutes if it’s a small mess, or up to a few hours if there is a lot to clean up. 

Once you believe sufficient time has passed, you can scrape up the mess and assess the remaining damage. At this point it should be noticeably cleaner, now all that is left to remove the oil stain from your concrete floor is to use a dish soap solution to break down the lingering grease. You can also leave this on the floor for a short time before cleaning it, just to make sure the grease is being removed.

Oil stain remover

At this point, all stains should be cleaned, if not there is no need to worry! There is one final step you can take to remove the grease from your driveway. Using a degreaser will help in completely removing oil stains from concrete. A sponge or mop will work perfectly to help clean up the remaining grease, just make sure to rinse and let the oil stain dry afterwards. You can also use these tips to remove oil stains from your driveway, factory floor or even the garage floor. If you are having trouble maintaining your concrete floor, here are some tips for cleaning concrete floors that will come in very handy!

How to remove oil stains on carpet

This has a very similar method to removing oil stains from concrete. You will want those absorbent paper towels, however, you will have to make an active effort to dab them on the carpet lightly to clean up any excess oil. This time you will need to use just baking soda, talcum powder or cornstarch. Cat litter will not be as effective as it won’t be able to get into the carpet as much. 

This will absorb the oil, which could take a few hours, ranging from 3 to 6, so it would be best to leave this overnight. Now it is time to remove the oil stains on the carpet with a hover to clean up the remaining mess. We would also recommend following our tips for removing stains from office carpets in case there are other stains that you would like cleaned whilst you remove the oil stains from the carpets.

Hopefully, by now you have a better understanding of how to clean oil stains on the carpet as well as how to remove oil stains from the driveway by using some simple household items! 

Just remember not to panic and scrub the oil immediately into the surface. You will also want to make sure that cats don’t find their new litter box on your concrete surface. 

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