Concrete floors can be found in factories, warehouses, and other commercial premises. As the material is durable and sturdy, it is the ideal choice for areas such as these. High volumes of people, movement of goods and vehicles can take a toll on the flooring. Concrete can stand up to this type of activity much better and is relatively easy to keep clean. If your warehouse or factory has a concrete floor, some things can be done to help keep it clean. These tips for cleaning concrete floors will help with maintaining the condition and safety of the surface.

Cleaning concrete floors

Concrete is incredibly hardwearing, but that doesn’t mean that dirt and grime won’t build up over time. Some of the things you may need to tackle on your concrete floors include:

  • Grease, diesel or fuel spills
  • Paint or graffiti
  • Build up of bitumen or tar
  • Moss or algae
  • General dirt
  • Rubber from tires

Depending on the traffic going over the floors and the type of business you have, there will be different types of dirt building up on your concrete floors. The kind of dirt and grime on the floor will need to be tackled in a specific way.

Methods for cleaning concrete

When choosing how to clean concrete floors, the type of dirt or stain will need to be identified. Merely getting a mop and bucket won’t be practical for a large warehouse or factory floor. Concrete can be sensitive to certain cleaners, especially if they are acidic. 

Cleaning products for concrete floors will remove general dust and dirt to stop it building up over time. Large areas of the floor will require machinery to clean, dry, and buff them properly. A commercial cleaner will use pressure washers, floor scrubbers, or floor buffers to clean a concrete surface thoroughly. Removing all dirt and debris will provide an excellent impression to visitors while also providing a safe working environment.

Regularly cleaning the floor will help to keep the concrete in good condition. A professional cleaning service will be able to advise on what type of cleaning product and machinery is needed for your factory floors. 

Generally, concrete floors can be kept in top condition by:

  • Placing rubber mats over dense traffic areas
  • Coating with a concrete sealant every few years
  • Regular cleaning

At Ace Cleaning we have been providing commercial cleaning services in Leicester and surrounding areas for many years. We carry out regular floor maintenance, pressure washing, and factory floor cleaning for many businesses. Whatever the size of your factory or warehouse, we can provide the professional cleaners and machinery to keep the floor clean. 

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