Spring is here, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, but there is one more thing left to do. A clean home is a happy home, right? So why not give your home a thorough spring cleaning by following our extensive room by room spring cleaning checklist, right at your fingertips! 

Spring is a very popular time to clean a home, and especially in the lights of recent events, it is necessary. Why? To fight germs and to combat stress, as well as keeping your family protected from any health threats. Getting started with a spring clean up can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Room by room, you can quickly check off each cleaning task that you assign yourself, and what is even more important is that you don’t have to tackle all these tasks at once. 

Our recommendation is to start with a room per day or simply get going with smaller tasks and progressively challenge yourself to do more cleaning each day. Like this, it’s not going to be only about the finished product, but about the journey itself, which sometimes can be fun. 

General home spring cleaning 

Before you even start to think about how to deep clean your house in the springtime, start by picking any clutter, old mail, and unuseful seasonal items lying around your home. Once finished, vacuum thoroughly and clean all the surfaces in every single room, one by one. After that, you can get down to business by cleaning the windows and screens, furniture, and everything else in between. 

  • Free up the floors by picking up and putting away all that you no longer need 
  • Vacuum counters, floors and other furniture surfaces 
  • Wipe down the walls and baseboards 
  • Clean the windows and screens 
  • Clean the carpets and wash all the rugs 
  • Wipe down the light switches 
  • Dust and clean high places like ceiling fans, valances, and curtain rods 
  • Sweep and mop the floors from the entryway
  • Organise jackets and shoes that are lying around in plain sight 


The kitchen is the heart of your home, as it goes through a lot of wear and tear. Your kitchen deserves putting together a thorough spring clean up checklist. You can start by throwing away any expired food, up to removing everything you store in the cabinets and drawers. 

  • Wipe down both the inside and outside of each cabinet and drawer with cleaning products and a warm cloth 
  • Organise everything back in their designated spaces 
  • Deep clean cutting boards 
  • Sharpen your knives if necessary 
  • Polish cabinets and cupboards 
  • Get rid of any grease and food built-up 
  • Clean the inside of your microwave and oven 
  • Clean and descale coffee machines 
  • Remove the crumbs from the toaster 
  • Refresh garbage disposal with special cleaners and deodorisers 
  • Replace sponges 
  • Disinfect trash and recycling bins 
  • Defrost the freezer 
  • Clean the fridge
  • Mop the floors 
  • Shake out and clean all the floor mats 


A good housekeeping spring cleaning checklist must include your bathrooms as well. Most people start with cleaning the toilet, shower, and tub, however, you can take it a step further by doing a deep clean. You can throw away all your old beauty products and clean the drains and linens. You will be amazed by how sparkling and fresh your bathroom will look afterwards. 

  • Discard all expired personal care products and makeup, as well as medications
  • Wash the towels 
  • Scrub the shower, shower head and the tub 
  • Clean the toilet 
  • Wipe the mirror with a good cleaning spray
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Wipe the walls and the baseboards
  • Replace the shower curtain liner 
  • Organise a new medicine cabinet and/or closet 


Starting with the place where you spend the majority of your time, the master bedroom. Bedrooms are known to collect dust mites, and therefore they deserve a full cleaning overhaul. To start, if you feel uncomfortable using harsh cleaning products in your bedroom, you could go all natural with a DIY cleaner, such as lemon juice and salt scrub, or vinegar and water mixture. 

  • Wipe baseboards 
  • Dust and polish the furniture 
  • Hoover and mop the floors 
  • Wash the bedding (sheets, pillows, duvets, and bed skirts) 
  • Flip the mattress 
  • Organise closets and drawers 
  • Dust the blinds and curtain rods 
  • Clean and wash the window sills
  • Deep clean all the rugs and carpets, and let them dry thoroughly 

Living room 

When it comes to your living room spring checklist, the focal point is the TV. With this in mind, clean the TV screen with a screen cleaning wipe, an excellent non-toxic option that can also remove dirt with oil, fingerprints, and more from your TV.  A bonus? You can further use these wipes to clean your phone, laptop, and other screens from your home as well. 

  • Disinfect TV remotes and clean TV screens 
  • Vacuum under and between sofas and chair cushions 
  • Flip the cushions if needed
  • Puff the pillows 
  • Mop the floors 
  • Wipe the walls 
  • Dust the blinds and curtain rods 
  • Clean the window sills
  • Wash the windows 
  • Shampoo and dry all the rugs and carpets


A significant living area in a house that many homeowners forget about is their garage. This is the space where usually most of the unwanted items end up being thrown in, the reason why most garages can look pretty hectic. 

  • Put away winter gear and shovels 
  • Sweep and mop the floors 
  • Organise all your tools and cabinets 
  • Declutter any unwanted tools, sporting equipment and toys 
  • Wash your car 
  • Vacuum inside of the car and clean its seats, steering wheel and dash 
  • Wipe down the walls
  • Clean the garage door and the door frame 
  • Replace batteries if needed in the garage door openers
  • Clean the windows 

Pro tip – As you go about creating your thorough spring cleaning checklist, make sure you write down all the things you notice that need to be fixed! You will give yourself a big pat on the back next time when your garage door won’t lift or your front door lights won’t switch on. But make sure you won’t look at these until your deep spring cleaning is over! That way, you will avoid getting easily distracted, and instead, you will be able to focus solely on tackling every single task from your spring cleaning checklist. 

Now go ahead and use this ultimate spring cleaning checklist to transform your home into a stunning oasis! Springtime is the perfect season to get jobs done, so why not start now? 

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