When it comes to cleaning services, choosing the right company must be a real investment. After all, you want to leave a good impression on everyone that walks on your premises, right? There is a lot of competition that can make your decision-process quite tricky, so to find the right service for your needs, these are the top 5 things to consider: 

1. Types of cleaning

Depending on your purpose, choosing the right cleaning service can truly make the difference. For office cleaning, the spaces will need deep and thorough clean, but this could slightly differ from commercial cleaning or industrial cleaning. There are companies out there that simply won’t do specific tasks, as they don’t have the necessary training done or specialist workforce in place, so make sure to choose a company that is experienced in a wide variety of cleaning types. 

2. Flexibility

Having a flexible approach to work is vital. Imagine how awful it would be to engage in a contract and shortly after to be announced that the cleaners won’t be able to arrive at your premises until further notice. Flexibility is essential for businesses as the hours tend to be quite strict. For commercial cleaning, most companies will hire cleaners during out of office hours, so make sure you hire the right cleaners that will meet your demands.

3. Required cleaning equipment 

This important aspect must be queried in detail straight from the first call, so you know how the cleaning will be executed, from start to finish. You will be paying for a particular level of cleaning service, so getting what you’ve paid for is crucial. So make sure the cleaners come equipped with all the products and electric cleaning equipment needed, depending on the type of cleaning they will perform. 

4. Legalities

Hiring a cleaning company that has all the legal documents in place can set you from having difficulties, such as cheating on price and much more. The reality is that some companies might lie about their clientele, experience and capabilities. To start with, ask for a portfolio of clients, and then, make sure that the company is allowed to perform their services. You will find that some cleaning businesses are not even allowed to operate for specific reasons, so save yourself a headache and sort this out straight from the start. A good indicator that you are safe to proceed is a wide range of clientele that they’ve worked for, which shows that they’ve been safely in business for a while. 

5. Employee training and expertise

When you hire a cleaning service, you expect that the people you’ve paid will do precisely what they’ve said. Well, if only that would be so easy all the time, wouldn’t that be great? Many cleaners like to brag about their top-notch skills and techniques, and how shiny everything will be after they leave. Instead, what you can find is even more of a mess than it was before they arrived, and that is because they just don’t have the necessary skills, training and experience required. So to avoid any inconveniences, make sure that the staff is professional in their execution at all times, and don’t just rely on words, always ask for evidence and even customer reviews to convince yourself that you are making the right decision.

Ultimately, each cleaning company will differ, so finding the right match for your wants and needs is a must. To find out how we can help you, contact Ace Cleaning today to hear about our reliable and high-quality cleaning services available throughout Leicester, Coventry and Tamworth