Each business sector will have very different requirements when it comes to commercial cleaning services. Commercial kitchen cleaning and food preparation area cleaning should be carried out by experienced professionals to make sure your premises are cleaned to the highest standards.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

When it comes to providing commercial kitchen cleaning services in Leicester and the Midlands, Ace Cleaning has been working with clients of all sizes for many years. A professionally cleaned kitchen offers numerous benefits as well as ensuring your business meets health and safety requirements and hygiene standards.

Choosing cleaning services for kitchens in your premises can:

  • Help you achieve higher hygiene scores
  • Clean extraction systems will improve air quality in the kitchen
  • Regular cleaning will help improve the life of the equipment
  • Promotes good working practices and gives employees pride in their workplace

If you prepare food on your premises, having a clean and sanitary workspace is essential. All surfaces will need to be cleaned and sanitised to high standards to reduce bacteria. A cleaning schedule will need to be established to make sure that the kitchen area, preparation surfaces and kitchen equipment remains clean.

Kitchens can create challenges that are unique to the environment. Grease can be particularly difficult to remove and can pose a fire risk. Regular cleaning with specialised products to remove grease will keep surfaces clean and the kitchen work area more safe for your employees.

A commercial cleaning contract does not always have to cover the entire kitchen. Some kitchen equipment can be difficult to clean or take a lot of time. It is not always practical to have members of staff taken away from their other duties to clean this equipment. Kitchen cleaning services can be tailored to certain equipment in the food preparation area.

As a provider of kitchen cleaning services in Loughborough, Leicester and beyond, Ace Cleaning can visit your premises and advise on the best options for your business.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

Some companies may not wish to have a regular cleaning service or may wish to add a deep kitchen clean to their existing commercial kitchen cleaning contract. Restaurant cleaning or hotel kitchen cleaning on a regular basis will keep surfaces hygienic and the kitchen tidy, but a deep clean is needed to make sure everything is completely clean.

A deep clean of certain areas is mandatory for some parts of the kitchen, such as ducts and canopy areas. A kitchen deep clean is required every 6 months to comply with health & Safety standards and hygiene regulations.

A professional cleaning company will be able to advise you on what will need to be done to keep you compliant.

At Ace Cleaning we have been providing kitchen cleaning and restaurant cleaning services in the Midlands for many years. Our professional team are trained on the latest cleaning techniques with a focus on efficiency and safety. A deep clean is longer and more extensive than a regular kitchen clean, we can work around your staff and operating hours to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

If you are considering using a professional kitchen cleaning service or would like a kitchen deep clean, we can help. We will be able to visit your site, assess the best schedule and plan for your cleaning needs.

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