With more and more people having to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, the need for creating a functional home working space has increased. This can be quite tricky if you do not already have a desk or designated space at home for this. So here are 4 working from home tips to increase your productivity and keep a clean space. 

1. Set aside one place for work

When you’re in the office, you more than likely have one spot that you sit in to do your work (unless you have a hot desk system of course). So it stands to reason that creating one area for work will be beneficial in helping you to be able to focus on the tasks at hand and be more productive. This could be on the kitchen table or at a desk if you have one, but having a functional workspace could mean the difference between ticking off your to-do list and getting distracted by being in your own home. 

Make sure that your new desk chair is comfortable to sit on for long periods of time as well, as this could be where you spend most of your working days until restrictions are reduced. Use pillows to protect your back if you do not have a chair with adequate back support. If your table is too high or too low compared to your chair, try raising one or the other so that you aren’t leaning over or stretching up in order to work. 

2. Maintain the same routines you had while in the office

Did you take a coffee break at a certain time of the day? Do you have a default diary with set times to do set tasks? Maybe at the end of each day you clean out your coffee mug ready for the next morning. Continuing with these little routines will help keep you in the same mindset as you would have in your regular workspace. 

3. Keep your ‘desk’ tidy and free of distractions

With working from home, there are likely to be more distractions than there would be in an office setting. One thing to note is that maintaining a clean home office is essential in being able to concentrate. You won’t be able to complete tasks if you can’t find a specific document or set of notes because they are spread across your desk. Make sure that all paperwork is kept in neat piles or even folders for ease, remove unnecessary clutter to allow for more space and keep your essentials like a pen and paper close to hand.

Additionally boundaries need to be set in place where possible to allow you to concentrate, from TVs to your own children. This could be set times to watch TV in the evening, not having your phone with you at your desk or working at certain times of the day to still be able to provide child care. Everyone is different, so what may work best for you may not be what works for others. Try out a few techniques to see how you work at your best at home. 

4. Keep your screens and keyboards clean

Hygiene in the workplace is more important now than before, even when your workplace is at home. Where possible, use disinfectant wipes or sprays that contain alcohol to clean your keyboards, screens, mouse and even your phone to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Maintaining a clean home office, both of clutter and germs, can help you feel more productive and secure in your new working environment. 

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