We all know how important it is to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Part of that is ensuring that the premises are as clean as possible. You may have a professional office cleaning company that helps with this; however, do you know about office deep cleaning? Here we explore why it’s necessary to deep clean a workspace, what this involves and how it differs from regular office cleaning.

What is a deep clean in an office?

As the name suggests, deep office cleaning is a much more detailed cleaning routine. If you have someone come in to do office cleaning, they will usually do light cleaning. It usually involves hoovering and dusting, but a deep clean goes further.

Cleaners will carry out light cleaning, but it will also cover areas not usually tackled during a regular visit. Office deep cleaning services will get to the deep grime, dirt, and other material built up over time.

Why does a workspace needs deep cleaning?

A deep cleaning schedule for the workspace is essential for creating a hygienic workplace. It will help reduce the spread of viruses and infections and make the office a more pleasant place to work. It is recognised that a clean and tidy environment also promotes motivation in employees.

Showing that you care about the work environment helps employees feel appreciated. Providing a safe and hygienic space for employees will, in turn, help to reduce illness in the workplace. If you have a staff kitchen, you can use our 5 tips for kitchen deep cleaning to help keep the area clean.

How long does office deep cleaning take?

Depending on the size of your premises and the different types of areas, the time it takes to fully deep clean an office can vary. A professional cleaning company will assess the workspace and advise on the required time. They will also arrange a convenient time for the more intense cleaning activity to ensure it does not disrupt the workforce.

Using a cleaning service also means you don’t need to worry about missing areas. A cleaning company will do these types of commercial cleaning regularly and will be much more efficient.

How is it different from regular cleaning?

Standard office cleaning ensures that the work areas are clean and tidy. Surfaces are dusted, floors are vacuumed, and other light cleaning is done. However, an office deep cleaning visit involves a much more in-depth cleaning. A deep cleaning checklist can include cleaning:

  • Light switches
  • Security keypads
  • Under and behind desks
  • Window ledges
  • Top of cupboards
  • Behind radiators
  • Behind office equipment

Office deep cleaning services can also include specialist cleaning equipment to clean internal and external windows and walls. The cleaning company will advise how often this service is needed and you can find more tips in our blog on when and how to wash walls.

Can you do this type of cleaning yourself?

You may consider cleaning the office yourself, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to completing a deep office cleaning. A commercial cleaning service will have a team of personnel familiar with deep cleaning practices. They will be able to clean the office quickly and efficiently.

Using a company to clean for you also means you don’t have to invest in cleaning materials. Specialist cleaning solutions to ensure everything is hygienically clean can be costly, and a cleaning company will already have these. Washing external and internal walls will need specialist cleaning and safety equipment too.

A deep clean in the office may also occur out of working hours. Professionals can visit the office when everyone has gone home. It will allow them to clean every surface and ensure the office deep clean is done correctly. The cleaners can take care of everything, so you and your staff can concentrate on daily business duties.

If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in the Midlands and across the UK, contact us today. Our team can advise on the best deep cleaning practices for your business and set up a convenient cleaning schedule.