The windows in your office provide natural light making the working environment more pleasant. Dirty windows allow less light through and also make the place look less professional. Cleaning windows is not a favourite cleaning task of many people, but there are some things that make it easier. Here we explore tips for cleaning office windows to make the job more simple.

Office window cleaning tips

The reflective surface of glass makes it susceptible to marks, such as fingerprints and smudges. These can build up and make windows look dirty over time. Keeping windows clean makes the office look more professional and a more pleasant place for your employees. 

Cleaning exterior office windows is best handled by a commercial cleaning service. However, if you notice marks or wish to clean the inside of the windows you can follow these simple steps.

  • Remove the blinds – before cleaning inside the office windows remove any blinds or curtains if possible. 
  • Use the right product – choose a window cleaning product that won’t streak
  • Avoid soapy products – using a cleaning agent that creates soap suds can leave a residue and make windows look worse than before
  • Use the right materials – when cleaning a window a squeegee or soft cloth is best as it will remove the water completely

Of course, you have many things to think about in your business so window cleaning will not be something you want to take up your time. Using an office cleaning service will allow you to concentrate on the important things. 

Office cleaners can clean and sanitise the surfaces in the business including the windows. Using a professional cleaning service allows you and your employees to use your time where it’s most needed.

Exterior office window cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is best handled by the professionals. Window cleaning on the exterior of your office may have to be done across multiple floors. Safety equipment and the proper cleaning apparatus are essential for getting the job done properly.

Depending on the size of your building, scaffolding or hydraulic lifts may be required to complete the job. A window cleaning company will have access to this type of equipment and handle all of that for you. Safe practices when cleaning office windows is vital and a commercial cleaning service will be able to take care of everything from start to finish.

Window cleaning services in Leicester

As an experienced commercial window cleaning company Leicester businesses turn to, Ace Cleaning can help you with your office window cleaning. Our team uses the latest products and cleaning techniques to clean windows efficiently and safely.

We have invested in the best technology including a ladder less cleaning system. Our Ace SafeClean window cleaning service requires no ladders or scaffolding. A sophisticated pressure jet pole allows our team to carry out cleaning safely from the ground.

If you are looking for office cleaning services or commercial window cleaning, contact us today for a free evaluation.