Any retail space provides the forum for selling your products directly to your customers. The area must be clean, not only for an excellent first impression but for a healthy environment.

Why retail cleaning is important

It is vital that retail cleaning happens regularly. A clean space is essential for your customers but also employees to create a pleasant working environment. You can allow your employees to clean the shop, but it is best to leave it to the professionals. A retail or commercial cleaning company can take care of everything properly. Using this type of service leaves your employees to do more important things. Taking care of customers and managing stock levels can be their focus.

A professional shop cleaning service will be able to use the right products, depending on the type of business. If you run a bakery, you will have different needs to a clothes shop. The right cleaning company will be able to provide a comprehensive and dedicated service to suit your business activity.

Retail cleaning – what needs to be cleaned?

When assessing your retail cleaning services needs, a professional cleaning company will take a look at different areas of the building. A food preparation area will require cleaning with different products compared to a staff area etc.

Some areas that require attention in retail cleaning include:

  • Floors – with many people passing through a retail space, the floors can become dirty and have residue buildup very quickly. Regular floor cleaning will help remove this and so prevent stains or dirt from transferring to products in the shop.
  • Displays – your products in the store need to look their best to entice customers. Shelving, cabinets, and other display furniture needs to free from dust and other dirt. Regular cleaning of this type of equipment also helps identify any damages or potential issues for visitors.
  • Fitting rooms – if you have a clothes shop, the fitting rooms will require a regular clean. Customers will place items of clothing on the surfaces here, so everything will have to be clean.

Retail cleaning costs

The cost of retail cleaning services will vary depending on several factors; these include:

  • How often the shop will require cleaning
  • Size of shop 
  • Types of area within the store, such as kitchens, toilets

When choosing a retail cleaning service, Leicester companies have been using Ace Cleaning Company for years. Our experienced team can carry out cleaning services quickly and efficiently. Cleaners can visit the premises at a time and intervals that suit you. Our team can visit the store to clean after opening hours. We will work with you to find the right time, so we ensure the least disruption to your business.

If you are considering a retail cleaning contract for your shop, we can help. We can visit the retail space and let you know what will best suit your business. We pride ourselves on being one of the best commercial cleaning companies in the midlands. Contact Ace Cleaning today for a free evaluation and quote for shop cleaning.