An office cleaning service will be able to provide a professionally cleaned work area for you and your employees. A clean and tidy environment is essential when it comes to first impressions and keeping your staff motivated. This guide will give you all you need to know if you are considering setting up a cleaning contract. Read on to find out office cleaning prices and how to choose the best office cleaning company.

Office cleaning contracts

Office cleaning services will provide experienced cleaners to come into your offices and handle all the cleaning for you. If you are taking on this task yourself at the moment, using an office cleaning company will allow you to concentrate on your business. Setting up a cleaning contract allows you to leave this task to experienced cleaners that can use the right products and get everything cleaned properly.

When setting up a contract with a cleaning company, there are a number of things you will need to consider:

  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Areas that are to be cleaned
  • Specialised services 

As a preferred cleaning company in Leicester, we work with clients of all sizes. A cleaning contract will be customised to your premises and your budget. You should think about how often you would want the office space cleaned. Some companies require a cleaning visit every day while others can be kept clean with weekly or less frequent visits.

Every business is different so you will need a company that can create a bespoke cleaning service for your business. If you have a single office space or multiple locations, the cleaning schedule and number of cleaners required will be based on this. For businesses with staff kitchens, special products may be needed to keep these areas clean.

If your business has other types of specialist areas, such as factory or warehousing, these will need to be taken into consideration if you want them to be included in the cleaning schedule. Factory cleaning can be included as part of the office cleaning service if needed. 

Costs of cleaning services

An exact cost of office cleaning services will depend on the size of your business and how often you choose to have it cleaned. A single storey office will need fewer people to carry out cleaning services compared to a high rise of offices. As a provider of cleaning services in Leicester for many years, our team is able to clean the premises of all sizes.

The frequency of office cleaning will also affect the price of the cleaning contract. An office cleaning team can visit the premises multiple times a week or less often. A professional cleaning company will be able to give you advice on how often your work space should be cleaned.

Your office cleaning cost will be based on:

  • Size of office areas
  • Number of bathrooms or other areas, such as staff kitchens
  • Number of locations that need to be cleaned
  • How many cleaners will be needed 

Choosing an office cleaning company

When choosing a cleaning company to carry out services at your business you will need to find a company that can offer exactly what you need. As the office cleaning company Leicester businesses turn to for quality cleaning services, we can help.

With Ace Cleaning you get more than just an office cleaning team. Our services include supervisors, an operations manager, mobile support and highly experienced office cleaners.

Whatever your business size, we can provide the right office cleaning solution for your company. Contact Ace Cleaning Company today for a free evaluation.