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Any indoor environment can be susceptible to mould over time. Colder weather and too much moisture in the air can lead to condensation, and as a consequence, mould can develop in the workplace. If this happens, the workplace can be stuffy, smelly, and generally unpleasant.

Aside from making the office malodorous, it can also lead to health problems resulting in more days off sick for your employees. Here we look at what causes problems in the office and give you tips on mould removal and prevention. Read on to see how you can keep your office mould-free.

What causes mould in the office

Within a working environment, you will have many people arriving at the office at the same time each day. If the weather is bad, water and damp will be tracked into the workspace on shoes, coats, and wet umbrellas. Offices that have a staff kitchen can lead to more moisture in the air. Food and beverage preparation can add steam to the atmosphere leading to damp spots in the kitchen and other work areas.

Exterior factors can also play a part in how much moisture is inside the building. Blocked gutters or older windows can cause water to accumulate inside the building. You should regularly check these areas to address any issues when they occur.

Best way to prevent mould

The leading cause of mould in the office is too much moisture in the air. Water will accumulate in the cold parts of the office and lead to mould formation. A common area for office mould is on windows. These tips on how to prevent mould on windows will help:

  • Ventilate the space – add an extractor fan to kitchen areas, open windows to allow air to circulate
  • Maintain a constant temperature – sudden changes in temperature can lead to excess moisture; maintaining a constant temperature in the office will prevent this.
  • Use a dehumidifier – if the air quality is low, a dehumidifier will help remove damp and improve the workplace’s air.

Mould removal from an office

When it comes to maintaining a pleasant work environment, vigilance is the key. Regularly checking the different areas of the office will help you spot potential problems early. A severe mould problem may require professional removal services, but minor issues can be fixed. If you find mould in the office, some things can be done:

  • Identify the problem – find the source of the moisture, kitchen appliances, poorly fitting windows, etc.
  • Resolve the issue – once you have identified the problem, you can fix it. Extractor fans and vents may need to be installed, or windows may need updating.
  • Regular cleaning – a big way to tackle mould is to make sure surfaces are cleaned regularly. It will prevent moisture buildup and make sure any problems areas are spotted as early as possible.

At Ace Cleaning, we provide office cleaning services across the Midlands. Our expert team of commercial cleaners will visit your premises and ensure all surfaces are clean and sanitised. Window frames, tile grouting, and office kitchen areas can all be cleaned to ensure moisture does not become an issue. If you require cleaning services for offices or other commercial spaces, contact us today to book a free evaluation.