With the remarkable rise in COVID-19 cases all over the world once again, businesses have been impacted at all levels. However, better economic conditions are on the way considering the latest research, as customer demand is tilted towards a positive outlook in the majority of industries. 

Health and Safety in the workplace are essential, especially during these difficult times as it protects the well-being of your employees, visitors and customers. Check out our tips on how you can make your office COVID-secure during the coronavirus pandemic to avoid any legal prosecution, loss in staff, increase in costs and profitability reduction. 

Conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment 

Following the Government’s Risk Assessment Guidelines, you must update your existing risk assessment, sharing it with all the staff to manage the risk of coronavirus. By doing so, you will be able to understand better what you and your colleagues should do to maintain a safe workplace environment.

Keep social distancing at all times 

Maintaining 2 metres apart from your colleagues is highly indicated, however, if this is not possible, you must keep at least 1 metre apart with risk mitigation.

Frequent cleaning 

Increase the frequency in cleaning the office surfaces, especially the desks, communal areas, receptions and hallways. Also, insist that your staff use hand sanitiser and wash their hands as frequently as possible to avoid spreading the virus. Using high-quality products is a must, so make sure you check the labelling before buying. Cheap doesn’t always mean good!

Request that your customers and visitors wear a face covering

Ask everyone that enters your workplace to wear a face mask, especially where it is required by law. However, there are some exceptions, so check out When to wear a face covering and exemptions.  

Vulnerable workers and working from home 

Keep in mind that you might have workers that are particularly vulnerable to the virus, so make sure the right actions are taken to reduce the risk. In case people work from home, your company should provide them with all the equipment they need. That includes laptops, phones, and any other things that they might need to get their work done smoothly, Also, keep in contact with them regularly, and always ask about their health and wellbeing status.  

Increase the airflow

Increasing the office ventilation and filtration is highly indicated, as it helps to reduce the risks from the virus. This can be easily done by limiting the number of people present in the building, or in any designated area. Also, when cleaning and disinfecting the workplace, letting the air circulate is very important, both during and after cleaning to avoid any potential contaminants and air pollution risks.   

Reduce face-to-face meetings

Encourage your customers and colleagues to have calls or video conferences to avoid meeting in person as much as possible. Reduce crowding by using booking systems for desks and workplace rooms, and make sure that all staff and visitors are kept up to date with your company’s safety measures. 

Finally, remember that employers have a ‘duty of care’ for their employees, customers and visitors at the workplace. This implies that they must take all the necessary steps and measures to support everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing, including themselves. 

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