What is dust?

Dust is a small particle that can be made of many things like dead skin cells, hair, pollen, mites, fibres from fabric and more. Dust can be found anywhere, but most noticeably inside of buildings. This is why we would like to share with you our top tips on how to clean dust in your office and various methods to reduce dust buildup.

Why should you clean up dust?

Now that ‘what is dust’ has been answered, the first reason why you should clean dust is that it shows a lack of cleanliness. Dust only forms on items and surfaces that have been neglected and uncleaned for long periods of time. Ensuring that your office is dust free will reduce the demoralising feeling that comes with an unclean environment. Another strong reason as to why dust should be cleaned is due to people with allergies being affected by dust, which can cause eye irritation, leading to an uncomfortable working environment.

How to clean dust in your workplace

First, let’s go over the basic rules of how to clean dust. When cleaning dust in general, it’s good to start from the top and then work your way down, this way you won’t be cleaning up the same spot twice. Make sure to clear up the area that you are cleaning so that you can have a visual of where dust needs cleaning.

Next, use a microfibre cloth, to help you pick up the dust, instead of brushing it off of surfaces thus making it airborne. Airborne dust is much more dangerous as it can go into your lungs or eyes and cause problems for both. If you are worried about this, you can use a dust mask to protect yourself. Dust masks will reduce dust from entering your lungs, preventing any permanent damage from happening.

Next, you can move onto cleaning the floor of any dust that was not captured in the microfibre cloth. This is important as the dust can be kicked back up onto surfaces, making your effort to clean up fruitless. To get a better understanding of how to clean your floor, read our blog with our top 5 tips on how to keep your office flooring clean.

Best way to clean computer dust

Cleaning technology is very important as it can be easy to damage. After opening the computer, use a microfibre cloth and very gently wipe its surfaces, as this is one of the best ways to clean dust. However, make sure to use caution as applying pressure could damage the computer components. Remember to clean your computer like this at least once a month as the build-up will cause damage and eventually overheat your computer. You wouldn’t want your files and pictures to be lost to dust, do you?

When cleaning monitors, it is crucial to be careful when trying to eliminate dust. Try to take a similar approach as cleaning the inside of your computer. Use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe across the screen without applying pressure. This will prevent any damage or scratches on the monitor. If there are fingerprint smears or smudges on the monitor, you can clean them with antistatic wipes which are specifically designed to clean monitors.

Best way to clean dust from your desk

Cleaning your desk seems like an easy job until you get around to actually do it. However, it is pivotal to maintaining a clean workspace. Start with knowing How to declutter your office space, It is important that only items with a purpose are on your desk as clutter could produce and hide dust. Now that your desk is clear, use a microfiber cloth to capture any traces of dust that remained and see how much easier it is to clean the dust off your desk.

How to clean dust from windows

First, let’s go over the easier part, which is windows sills. surfaces are bound to accumulate dust, which is why clearing window sills are important, especially near windows which can be a big learning task, so make sure to read our Tips for cleaning office windows for more information. Simply use a cloth to capture the dust and then clean up anything that gets on the floor. Now comes the blinds, depending on what type of blinds your office has can determine the amount of time needed to clean them. Ensure that they are dusted as they are bound to capture any airborne dust, and sometimes they can even create dust. As always, clean your windows from the top of the blinds first and make your way down with a microfibre cloth. Ensure that both sides of the blinds are wiped.

How to prevent dust build-up in the office

The most obvious answer would be to regularly clean dust, however, there are many methods that can be employed to reduce the dust build up in your office. One way is to store away loose papers, as they can contribute to dust building up. If you have a carpet, hoovering often would help in picking up the dust produced from the fabric. The best way to clean airborne dust is to use an air purifier for dust. Air purifiers are not only great at being an airborne dust remover but also providing cleaner air as they filter the air pollution of a room.

Professional cleaning services

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