A factory space can become dirty and cluttered without a regular cleaning schedule. Dirt and debris can buildup, creating problems with machinery and making the work environment unpleasant. A clean and tidy workspace is essential when it comes to creating the right impression to visitors and clients. A factory that is clean and organised will create a safer environment for employees and can help boost productivity and reduce shutdowns.

A professional factory cleaning service will make sure that everything is cleaned correctly using the right products. Factories can have many hazards and areas that require cleaners to carry out their work to strict safety guidelines and regulations. An experienced factory cleaning company will make sure everything is done safely and properly.

Factory Cleaning service

A factory cleaning contract can be customised to provide a cleaning service that has been created to accommodate your business needs. As part of a bespoke factory cleaning package, you can decide which areas of the business are cleaned and how often.

Factory cleaning services can be carried out as regularly as you need, such as daily or weekly. A schedule for cleaning can be agreed upon that suits you and your employees’ shifts.

Factory cleaners can visit the premises at a time that is convenient for you. Cleaning can be coordinated with staff shift patterns or can be arranged to be carried out during shutdowns. Our experienced team can deliver the services you need at times that will cause the least disruption to your production.

If you are looking for factory cleaning in Leicester and the Midlands, Ace Cleaning can provide an experienced team to provide the services you need.

Types of Factory Cleaning services

As an experienced factory cleaning company, we have clients ranging from small units to large factories with multiple bays and locations.

We will work with you to create a cleaning services schedule that fits around your own maintenance routines. We pride ourselves on achieving the work within the required deadlines, which is essential if you want cleaning to be carried out during production shutdowns.

Some of the services provided by our factory cleaning team can include:

  • Factory floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning – external and internal
  • High-level maintenance
  • Pressure washing
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Staff bathroom cleaning
  • Spill cleans

With a team of factory cleaners trained to the highest standards, Ace Cleaning has extensive knowledge of the latest health and safety requirements. We can provide a reliable factory cleaning service that is carried out in accordance with the industry requirements.

If you are looking for expert factory cleaners in Leicester or across the Midlands, we can help. We offer a free evaluation to provide you with a suitable schedule of cleaning for your factory. We will be able to go through the cleaning services that would be best suited to your business and provide advice on how often cleaning should be done. Our cleaning team can visit the premises at times that are most convenient to you to minimise disruption to the production and operations of your business.

For more information on cost-effective factory cleaning services, Contact Ace Cleaning today for a free evaluation.