Your office can be a bustling place, and when you are busy, things can often pile up in the workspace. Somebody can easily overlook a cluttered office as you become accustomed to the mess around you. A messy workspace can negatively impact your mood and your work. So, it’s essential to declutter an office space to lift your mood and improve efficiency. If you have noticed your office space has become cluttered, it’s time to do something about it. Here, we look at how to declutter your office space and what you can do to avoid it becoming a problem again.

Sort everything into categories

One of the first things you can do is to organise everything in your workspace into categories. Sort items into:

  • Keep
  • Recycle/Throw away
  • Belongs somewhere else

When you have everything sorted into categories, you can start dealing with the items. Be tough; do you need those trinkets all over your desk? If you have finished with that pile of files, put them away. Someone may have placed things on your desk from other parts of the office, so put them back where they belong. If you have stuff to throw away, see if it can be recycled or used by someone else to reduce waste.

Organise cables

The number of cables in an office can feel overwhelming and will add to your workstation’s cluttered look. Your phone, laptop, and other lines all over the place not only looks unsightly but can be a safety issue if they are running across the floor. Organise your cables, so they are plugged into the best spots to avoid cables causing potential trips hazards. Use cable ties to neatly pack cables where applicable and remove any unnecessary or unused cables or chargers.

Digitise documents

A lot of the clutter on the desk comes from various documents. You can digitise these items and store them electronically rather than having them in your workspace. Scan or type up notes, business cards, meeting notes, and other documents. Doing this will get them off your desk but still give you access should you need the information later.

Develop your organisational habits

One of the best things you can do is to avoid letting clutter build up again. By implementing simple and small changes to your routine, you can make sure your workspace is always clean and tidy. Clear away cups and food wrappers at the end of each day. Tidy your desk when you prepare to leave by filing documents, putting things away in the right place, and removing any other rubbish that may have built up during the workday.

The benefits of keeping an office clutter-free

Keeping an office clean and tidy is a good thing and will benefit you and the company in many ways. The top benefits of decluttering your office are:

Company image – an office that is clean and tidy gives the right impression to anyone visiting the premises. If a client sees a disorganised mess, it will reflect poorly on the business.

Mental well-being – a messy space can affect your mental well-being, so that a tidy desk will boost your mood.

Productivity – an organised desk and workspace makes you more efficient. When everything is where it should be, you quickly find what you need instead of trying to find files and other items among the mess.

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