As an established cleaning company in the Midlands and beyond, our clients range from small independent firms to large corporations and factories. Many of our clients operate within certain fields or industries and a cleaning service has to be tailored to each client.

Surgery or Medical Centre Cleaning

Medical centre cleaning is a highly specialised service and we are proud to be able to offer this to our clients. Providing cleaning services for surgeries and medical centres requires a high-level of cleaning and hygiene. The risk of cross-contamination or infections has to be addressed.

A professional cleaning company will provide cleaners that are trained in the latest health and safety laws for medical centres. Each cleaner will need to be knowledgeable in infection control and codes of conduct in a medical environment.

Practices, codes and laws change frequently so ongoing training and evaluation is essential when choosing the right cleaners for a surgery.

A specialised medical cleaning checklist can be created to make sure that each area is addressed and cleaned properly. This can include:

  • General cleaning
  • High level cleaning
  • Walls and floors spot cleaned
  • Hand basins and surrounding areas cleaned and sanitised
  • Marks and spills cleaned
  • All hard surfaces dusted and cleaned
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Communal areas
  • All hard surfaces dusted and cleaned
  • Seating- soft furnishing vacuumed and arm rests sanitised
  • Spills cleaned
  • Floors in bathroom areas swept and mopped
  • Toilets cleaned and sanitised

A medical centre cleaning contract would need to be created for your premises. A professional cleaning company will be able to asses what is needed, how often areas should be cleaned and if any specialist cleaning services should be added to the cleaning schedule.

At Ace Cleaning we have worked with many clients within the medical sector. We can work with the practice manager to make sure your premises are cleaned to the appropriate standards. We not only provide highly-skilled cleaning professionals, our service includes supervisors and personnel managers. Our team will work with you to create a bespoke cleaning plan that meets the highest standards and fits in with how your business operates. A medical cleaning checklist, schedule and specialist cleaning service options can all be included in the medical cleaning contract.

Our cleaners can visit the premises at times that are convenient and will not interfere with the usual comings and goings of patients, medical professionals or other visitors. Health & Safety, as well as specific codes of conduct, are strictly adhered to when working in any environment. We fully appreciate that this is even more paramount within a medical environment.

If you are looking for medical cleaning services in Leicester or the Midlands, Ace Cleaning Services can help. We can visit your surgery or medical centre and create a tailored cleaning plan.

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