As the Winter months approach, we can expect more rainy days and this means more mud and dirt that can potentially be brought into your business premises. Muddy boots and shoes from visitors and employees can leave you with dirty, wet carpets and floors. These are not only unsightly but they can create a poor first impression when someone visits the office. While more dirt than usual can find its way onto your carpets this season, there are some things you can do to keep dirt and mud out of workplace during Winter.


Doormats at every entrance into your company will help to stop a lot of mud, leaves and other debris from being brought onto the carpets. Purchasing mats with tough bristles for outside will allow visitors and staff to remove debris and mud from their shoes before entering. Placing soft, absorbent doormats inside the doors will let shoes dry off before moving onto the office or reception carpet.

“Wipe your feet” signs

While you may think it is a normal habit to wipe your feet when coming in to the workplace from outside, it doesn’t hurt to have signage to help give everyone a reminder. The signs don’t need to be anything fancy or expensive. A simple text design that is placed in an obvious place could be all that is needed.

Boot scrapers

If you have muddy areas around your business or there is potential for amounts of mud to be tracked in, you could invest in boot scrapers. These can be easily installed at each entry point and allow your staff and other business visitors to scrape their shoes before entering. The double layer doormats will also help to remove further dirt and moisture from shoes as the person moves through the entrance.

A mop for non-carpeted areas

If your business has areas by doorways that are tiled or covered with other smooth flooring surfaces, it is a good idea to keep a mop close by. A build up of mud and water on these types of surfaces can pose a health and safety risk. Muddy wet floors could cause slips and falls so it is always best to make sure these types of surfaces are cleaned. This may need to be done multiple times a day to keep the areas clean as people come and go. Any areas like this in the business should also display “wet floor” signs to make people aware.

Office carpet deep cleaning

Even when you take precautions to protect the carpeted flooring in your business, it may still become dirty and marked from muddy shoes. It is not always possible to prevent every bit of mud or dirt being tracked into the office. For heavy traffic areas or carpeting that has become particularly dirty, a professional cleaning company can deep clean the area. The specialist cleaning products used by a commercial cleaning company can make a carpet look new and clean again. This can make your reception and other carpeted areas look clean and professional again. This can also help to keep the carpets clean for longer. When staff and visitors notice a fresh and clean carpet they are more likely to be careful not to walk dirt across it.

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