Every business is different and faces different challenges as a result. This also applies to cleaning business premises. Depending on the industry and size of the company, the cleaning requirements will be different for each client. As the commercial cleaning company Leicester businesses of all sizes trust, Ace Cleaning has experience across many areas.

Who needs a professional cleaning service?

Whether your company is a small office or a large corporation, professional cleaning services can be useful. Leaving the cleaning to the professionals lets you and your employees get on with the important stuff. A cleaning service will be able to clean the office and other business areas efficiently. Some of the businesses that benefit from commercial cleaning services include:

  • Warehouses
  • Factory cleaning
  • Medical and dental offices
  • School cleaning
  • Offices
  • Kitchen deep cleans
  • Student accommodation
  • Leisure centre cleans

Each of these types of business has varying levels of requirements when it comes to maintaining a clean business. A professional cleaning company will be able to assess the needs and tailor a cleaning plan. If you are concerned about the cleaning staff disrupting workflow, visits can be scheduled at the most convenient time.

Industrial cleaning can be challenging, so you should find cleaners that have lots of experience. Industrial cleaning services can include high-level maintenance and pressure washing. Concrete floors in warehouses need specialised care, and using the wrong products can damage them. It is highly recommended to use a company with knowledge in the particular challenge of warehouse and factory cleaning.

industrial cleaning

Why use a cleaning company?

If you are considering setting up a cleaning contract but are not sure whether it’s worth the cost, there are many benefits to consider.

Benefits of a cleaning service include:

Higher productivity – a fresh and clean workplace makes for much happier employees and increases productivity
Reduced sick days – a virus or sickness in a business can cost a lot of money in lost days, professional cleaning in a workplace helps reduce the spread of germs
Professional appearance – a clean and tidy business gives the right impression to visitors and potential clients
Savings – in the long run having your a professionally cleaned business saves money as carpets and furniture are kept clean and stain-free
Better cleaning – using a cleaning service makes sure everything is cleaned thoroughly

Choosing a cleaning company

When it comes to finding the right cleaning company for you, there are several things to consider. The lowest price is not always the right way to go. A professional cleaning service is worth paying for because it is done right. A cleaning company with clients similar to you, such as the ones in the same industry, will know what to do.

Ace Cleaning has been providing commercial cleaning services to businesses of all sizes for many years. Our clients across the Midlands range from small independent offices to multi-location corporations. Whether you have a factory, office, or warehouse, we can clean it for you. We provide cleaning services for schools, universities, and hospitals. Our expert cleaners are highly trained to deliver the best cleaning services in Leicester and beyond.

Contact Ace Cleaning today for a free evaluation for cleaning services for your business.