How much do cleaning services cost?

The cost of cleaning your premises will depend on a number of things. The size of the property, how often you want it cleaned and if there are special requirements are all taken into account when giving you a commercial cleaning price. Our experienced team of industrial cleaners and office cleaners can work in a variety of environments to get your business looking its best.

How do I get a quote?

If you need window cleaning or any other type of cleaning for your premises, contact us today. Our team can provide cleaning services across the Midlands. Book a free evaluation now and let Ace Cleaning help you save money on your cleaning bill.

What type of business premises does your company cover?

At Ace Cleaning we work with clients in Leicester, Tamworth and Coventry and cover a variety of industrial and commercial environments. Our clients range from small office buildings to large warehouses and industrial kitchens. We can offer window cleaning services for every type of business from single storey offices to high rise buildings. Our team are experienced in working in a variety of environments and specialist industries.

What cleaning services does Ace Cleaning provide?

The team at Ace Cleaning can provide a variety of cleaning services for your business. We offer window cleaning, office cleaning or services for commercial and industrial premises. Our team can offer kitchen deep cleans, hospital cleaning and warehouse cleaning services. Whatever the industry and size of your premises, if you are looking for cleaning in the Midlands, Ace Cleaning can help.

Do I have to be there when the cleaners are working?

Our team consists of cleaners, supervisors and a management team that will make sure each cleaning job is completed to the highest standards. You won’t need to stay with the cleaners as they are working. We will need someone there to allow access to our staff and, if applicable, secure the building when the team leaves.

What time will the cleaners arrive?

We can work with you to find the most convenient time for our cleaners to be present in your business. If you prefer for the premises to be cleaned in the morning, during the working day or in the evening, we can provide cleaners as needed.

Do I need to provide anything to the cleaning team?

Our team will bring everything with them that is needed to complete the job to the highest standards. You do not need to provide cleaning materials. We ask that there is access to water and electricity so that our team can complete their work.

How many cleaners will work at my premises?

The size of the cleaning team that will be needed will depend on how big the property is and what your specific requirements are. Our team will be able to evaluate what is required for your specific business and provide you with a cleaning plan.

Are the cleaning products used environmentally friendly?

At Ace Cleaning we pride ourselves on our quality of work and this includes the products we use. All of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and are selected for their quality and effectiveness.

How often should my business premises be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning will depend on a number of things. Certain industries require daily cleans while other companies only require our staff to visit once a week or less. Our highly trained team can visit your premises, evaluate your cleaning needs and provide a cleaning plan.

If you haven’t found the answer you are looking for Contact Ace Cleaning Services for more information.